Privacy Policy

for Play Along Keys/Real Keys Music, and Speed Singer

Introduction – Welcome

Hello! I’m Bruce Cichowlas, the developer and musician for these products.

Currently, these music game apps are provided completely free. We don’t collect any personal information. We don’t do any commerce, so we don’t collect information or try to sell you anything. We are a volunteer organization providing these games and funding their associated music licenses, server fees and related cost. You don’t need to give us anything and we don’t even know who you are.

We do assign each user a random number id, which is private to use and not shared with any other organization. We do this so that we can coordinate posting your scores for each song to the game. We also monitor which songs you play, how well you do and how often you use the various parts of our app. We do this on our own server and do not use any commercial analytics service. This helps us to improve the game, detect parts that may be broken and know what sorts of songs are the most popular. We also take note of what kind of phone or tablet you use in order that we can decide which phones and tablets we want to support. And, as I mentioned before, we do all this anonymously without knowing who you are and we don’t share information with any other organization. (Of course, if you want to write to us at with your suggestions, song recommendations, problems you have found or your use of these music games, we are always grateful to hear from you.)

You can read more about our approach to these music games at

That probably covers everything, but I’ll answer some specific questions anyway:

What information do we collect?

We collect NO personal information. We do monitor what songs you play, how you did and what parts of the music game you use. We do not share this information with anybody. We also note what kind of phone or tablet you are using. We assign every user our own user id so that we can recognize you when you come back, but this id is not shared with anyone.

Personal information of children users

As mentioned above, we don’t collect personal information from anybody at all.

Apps usage information

We collect information about how you use the Apps, such as the features you use, gameplay data and the time spent on the Apps. Such information is associated with an internal generated ID (that is assigned to you for only our internal purposes).

We do not use any third-party analytics software, so no third-party has access to any of our information in any form.

Links Within Apps

We have no active links within our apps. We may mention the websites of some of the indie artists that generously provide their material. We may also mention to websites of other charitable music organization. Note of these links are “active”. You would need to manually note and type these links into a browser if you wanted to use them.

Data protection rights under GDPR

Since we collect no personal information, we are not involved with this, but you are welcome to contact us with any questions at

Changes and amendments

We reserve the right to modify this Policy or its terms relating to the mobile application and services from time to time. We hope that someday we may be part of a larger charitable music effort.

Privacy questions

I hope this has answered your privacy questions, but if you have additional questions about privacy or anything else, you can contact us at