New Song: I Shot The Sheriff

9/23/2017: Made popular by Bob Marley and Eric Clapton. Great arrangement! You can play along!

New Songs Today

8/26/2017: New Songs Today

Aura Lee
For The Beauty Of The Earth

Find out about your best performances on the Facebook app

7/31/2017: the Play Along Keys scoreboard app within Facebook, you can now find out which songs you play best. Challenge me! Sure, I have a number of 1st’s, but there are currently 244 song games so there is plenty of room for you!

Improved Song Listing with Awards and Global Rankings

7/16/2017: If you achieve at least trophy level, you can see how you compare globally with recent players of the game. What does it take to be first on your favorite song to play? If more than one person plays on your phone or iPad or if you have Facebook friends that play the game, you can also see how you compare with them on a song using the gold buttons that appear at the right of the songs. This screenshot is taken from an iPad Pro to show you a lot of songs at once.