New song today: You’ll Be In My Heart

December 9, 2019 New song today: You’ll Be In My Heart, as in the feature Tarzan. This song was made famous and written by Phil Collins. This song has many parts including a reprise of the chorus in a different key without the usual obvious upward key shift (for you music theory geeks out there).

Welcome, all players!

Though for privacy reasons, Play Along Keys deliberately knows very little about individual users, we do know what songs you play (so we can give you your rank) and what countries you are from and also what kind of device you are using. This chart shows a comparison by iOS/Android and by country. Apparently those of you in India who play Play Along Keys, do so overwhelmingly on Android as well. Our players in Brazil also prefer Android. Things are pretty equal in Germany, but in the rest of the world iOS is generally favored. We hadn’t realized we had so many fans in India! Welcome, India and all! Glad that you are enjoying our music game!

New song: Sweet And Low

September 1, 2019 New song: Sweet And Low. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote the poem Sweet And Low. It was set to music by Joseph Barnby. This lullaby has been covered by many artists including Bette Midler. This song is rated Easy in Play Along Keys. You can play gamer style with the falling notes or use actual music notation in the Novice and Pro leagues.

New song today: All Through The Night

August 31, 2019 New song today: All Through The Night is a Welshsong sung to a tune that was first recorded in Edward Jones‘ Musical and Poetical Relics of the Welsh Bards (1784). The melody is also used in the hymn “Go My Children With My Blessing.” All Through The Night has been performed by many artists on Christmas albums, including Olivia Newton-John and Michael McDonald, who sang it as a duet on Newton-John’s 2007 album Christmas Wish.

New song: Happy Birthday To You

August 29, 2019 After many years and much court action, Happy Birthday To You was ruled to be in the public domain only in recent years. And that is why they might now sing the actual Happy Birthday To You at your local restaurant. Here it is on Play Along Keys as well.

Your song in Play Along Keys?

Are you an artist, indie or otherwise, with a song that you think your fans would enjoy in Play Along Keys? If your song is selected, there is no cost to you and you can display information about yourself or your schedule connected to your song. Play Along Keys has done this for the Jake Taylor Band, Sally DeFord Music and others.

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