New song, Finlandia, with four ways to play!

Here’s an idea we’ve never seen in a music game before. A lot of people like four-part harmony, from hymns to barbershop quartets. So in our latest song, Finlandia (Jean Sibelius), you can choose which of the four parts to “play along” with! For those new to this, it could be your first chance to feel what it is like to participate in music performance doing some part other than the melody.

In four-part harmony, particularly with male and female singers, the parts are often called Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass (SATB). We follow this convention in offering the four “play along” parts. Please try them and have fun!

New song today: Shepherd Lead

July 20, 2019 We have a new spiritual song today, Shepherd Lead.

We at Play Along Keys would like to include spiritual songs that are important to you from every faith and denomination. The good news is that many of these songs are in “public domain” or “creative commons”, including anything written or published before 1923. That means that Play Along Keys has the rights to include these songs, including music notation. So write to or use the “Song Request” feature in “More” in the game. We may likely include it soon!

Today’s song is Pompeii

June 5, 2019 Today’s new song is Pompeii, made famous by Bastille. It uses only a few keys, but one black key features prominently. If you are not familiar with this song, you can hear the original recording here.