Play Along Keys

Play Along Keys is a new type of musical game that is both fun and authentic. For at least the near future, Play Along Keys is completely free and has no advertising or in-app purchases. It’s meant to be a safe, friendly environment for anybody including parents who might show it to a kid. (Eventually we’d love to get some subtle, NPR-like, sponsorship to mention in a low-key way within the app.)

With most music games, you play on a simulated piano or guitar, but when you play the same way on a real piano or guitar, your playing is meaningless. Not so with Play Along Keys!

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Play the actual notes!

These are the real notes of the song.

If you play enough to get a high score, you may find that you can go to a real keyboard and play the same song part that you did in the game.

Play Along with friends!

Play Along comes with a free set of song-games. New songs are added from time to time.


What do you think?

Having fun? Are there others songs you would like? Is the game working for you? Review us on the App Store and send any comments to There’s more about why Play Along Keys exists on the About page.